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The current beetle epidemic is the largest ever recorded in the Rocky Mountains of North America. It stretches from the northern parts of Mexico all the way to the Yukon in Canada.

The three big worries are the environmental impact, the devastated landscapes and decreased property values, but there is hope.

Evergreen Tree Care can save your beautiful trees and keep them healthy for years to come. Preventive spraying is the most cost effective and proven action to take to insure you property is not devastated like so many others who neglected to realize the full scope of these tiny pests.

If you live in an area showing signs of infestation, early detection and rapid response via tree spraying is crucial in order to protect and save your trees. The most common sign of Mountain Pine Beetle are "pitch tubes" that form on the outside of the bark. You may also notice saw dust gathering on the ground at the bottom of your trees.

Call us today before its too late! Our property evaluations are free and we offer great discounts.