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Q) What is the best defense against Mountain Pine Beetle?

A) The best defense against Mountain Pine Beetle is a good forestry management plan including thinning, preventive spraying and deep root fertilization.

Q) Are pheromone packs "Verbonone" effective?

A) In small scale operations they can be effective... However, many things effect the success rate such as wind, rain and the sheere number of beetles in any given area. Simply put Verbonone packs have shown to be very ineffective in areas with a large beetle population.

Q) Does cold weather kill the Mountain Pine Beetle? 

A) Research indicates that cold weather is not going to increase the mortality level. As winter approaches, larvae under the bark in the tree will expel the water content from their bodies becoming, in essence, a sack of anti freeze.

Q) What are the signs of Mountain Pine Beetle infestation?

A) There are many indicators for Mountain Pine Beetle. It is best to contact one of our staff members for a property evaluation. This service is free. We will walk your property with you, educate you and answer any questions you may have.

Q) What types of trees do the Mountain Pine Beetles attack?

A) The Mountain Pine Beetle most commonly attack Ponderosa, Lodgepole, Scotch and Limber Pines.

Q) If fresh cutting attracts The Mountain Pine Beetle when should I cut?

A) The best time to do any cutting is to start cutting in mid September and if possible stop cutting in April.

Q) When does the Mountain Pine Beetle fly?

A) The flight of the Mountain Pine Beetle can start flying as early as mid July and can do so until mid September.